ROYA•LIS (Roy-Yuh-Lease) stands for Recreating Our Young Aspirations•Living In Style.When you are young, the sky is the limit. Your ability to achieve great things is more than just a fantasy, it's reality. But as you get older and start to experience the difficulties that life has to offer, you slowly start to doubt those extraordinary talents. ROYA•LIS means recreating those audacious goals of being something great. All while living in style. The origami swan is an elaboration of you and of me. Even the plainest of things can be finessed into the most elegant because it is not what you have, it's what you do with it. As this family continues to grow, what we stand for could not be any more accurate. With every fold or crease we encounter throughout this process, we become that much closer to becoming who we were always meant to be. We want to inspire you to #CreateYourOwnFate. Join us on this journey of becoming the most elegant clothing company in the world